Meleg szoba sötétkék csíkos tipegõ hálózsák 80

Meleg szoba sötétkék csíkos tipegõ hálózsák 80
Meleg szoba sötétkék csíkos tipegõ hálózsák 80

Although we cannot guarantee that the little one will sleep through the night from now on, our toddler sleeping bag can certainly contribute to calm and easy nights.

The toddler sleeping bag is recommended for babies who can already stand, making the period before and after sleep comfortable. Regarding the function of the sleeping bag, it fulfills the role of a blanket, thereby making the night of the parents easier, so that they can sleep peacefully and do not have to get up several times to cover the little one. The footbed at the bottom of the sleeping bag takes over the role of the sock, so the child's feet will not be outside the "blanket".

The thickness of the sleeping bag should be chosen based on the temperature of the room and not the season.

We recommend the warm room toddler sleeping bag in a room with a temperature of 22-24 degrees, with a long or short-sleeved body underneath. But since every baby is different, the clothing must be adapted to the individual needs. The best way to make sure that you are well dressed is to see what the temperature of the back of your neck is. Hands and feet are NOT authoritative.

You can read more about the topic under "Tipegó sleeping bags".


The warm room toddler sleeping bag consists of two layers of thin, flexible cotton. In terms of material composition, it is 95% cotton and 5% elastane, which ensures adequate ventilation of the skin.

It can be connected with a zipper on the side and a nickel-free patent on the top. When using the zipper, please make sure to hold the material directly next to the zipper, this way you can protect the material and ensure long-term use.

Due to the flexibility of the material, it is NOT necessary to choose one size larger, only if the child's current size is borderline.

Washing instructions: machine washable at 30 degrees, recommended inside out, cannot be bleached, can be ironed at a low temperature, cannot be chemically cleaned, tumble dryer is not recommended.

Material composition: both inner and outer layers are 95% cotton and 5% elastane.


Color: dark blue, white, mustard



12 990 Ft
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